My 30 favorite albums 1996-2011

Pitchfork, being the lovable self-loving hipsters they are, have made a feature on their website where you can pick your favorite albums.  And since we all know that music as a whole started when Pitchfork was founded they limit it of course to the years they have been active.  It’s a nicely designed feature and I had great fun compiling my list since it brings together 2 passions of…and ehm..lists!  Pitchfork will then compile it into a one big list of user favorites which we all know OK Computer will win with a landslide.

Anyways…here is my list.  I started out putting around 80 albums into my list and then reduced that list to 30 albums in order of “favoritism”:

Since I like lists so much I also compiled this Spotify list with 1 song (being my favorite from that album) from each of these albums 😛 (Yeah I like lists….playlists being a personal favorite!):

My Pitchfork 1996-2011 favorite album list
(It’s missing the two Will Oldham albums as well as Gillian Welch)

Finally, here are 3 songs I love and I’d like to highlight from these albums:


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