80’s day! – Part 2

Since I’ll be over the Atlantic or somewhere in Europe tomorrow for my 20 hour transit back home from LA to Stockholm I’m posting this one today instead of the real 80’s day…which is Friday!  The lack of female singers stood out quite dramatically in the last list so I intend to rectify that error here by selecting 5 great 80’s songs with female singers!  These are all of course amazing.  It’s funny how resilient 80’s music is really.  My sons, 7 and 9, have Spotify and seem to have discovered 80’s music.  They really seem to listen to A-ha and Cyndi Lauper a lot for some reason!  Good music is always good music.

So without further ado, the songs.,,  I cheated a little since one of them is from 1979. 😛

Kate Bush – Running up that hill (A deal with god)

Blondie – Union City Blue

Mike Oldfield – Moonlight Shadow

Laura Brannigan – Self Control

Bonnie Tyler – Total eclipse of the heart

Again I’d like to point out my 80’s Music Spotify list.  I seem to listen to it a bit more than is healthy.


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