5 great ambient tracks – Part 1

Ambient! Exciting isn’t it?? Anyways, I’ve been a long time fan of ambient music and it’s a term that is sometimes really difficult to pin down. In my opinion it’s something that creates a really nice ambience which makes it good for reading or more chilled out activies/non-activities. I tend to snob a little by excluding all new age style pan flue crapness from the definition but you’re welcome to define that as ambient…although it will make BINNI RAGE!! …Which would lead to me having to sit down and listen to some great ambient music.

Here are 5 awesome ambient songs in no particular order. There were so many good ones that I think I will be doing this kind of post regularly. ūüôā

As a fun question for comments…which one of these was recorded in Iceland, my home country? ¬†Bonus question would be where and through what unorthodox method…

Biosphere – Kobresia

Blanck Mass – Chernobyl

Max Richter – Horizon Variations

Tim Hecker – Piano Drop

Stars of the Lid – I Will Surround You


2 responses

  1. I recently discovered Olafur Arnalds, his compositions are wonderful, spacious pieces.

  2. Yeah I love him as well! Helps that he’s from my home country. Check out J√≥hann J√≥hannsson as well.


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