Great music from films – Part 1

One more in my series of linking to 5 songs that are awesome.  This time they are from films!  This is music that really stands on it’s own and I tried to pick something that is a little more obscure.  My favorite soundtracks are by they way Blade Runner by Vangelis, Amélie by Yann Tiersen, Good the Bad and the Ugly by Ennio Morricone, Koyaanisqatsi by Philip Glass and Tron Legacy by Daft Punk.  I stay clear of those this time around.

There is a theme here.  I would call it a somber but epic mood if I wanted to be pretentious.  I think I’d also call it that if I was not being pretentious ..but whatever I’m rambling.  On to the great music!

The Proposition –  Nick Cave and Warren Ellis – The Proposition #1

Kundun – Philip Glass – Escape to India

The Tree of Life – Alexandre Desplat – Awakening

The Fountain – Clint Mansell – Together we will live forever

Solaris – Cliff Martinez – First Sleep


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