Old music that is amazing – Part 1

Just simple. Some old music that is amazing. I actually hope you haven’t heard any of these before because then you’re in luck! I wish I was hearing them for the first time because it’s mindblowing stuff.

Blind Willie Johnson – Dark Was the Night, Cold was the Ground

85 year old music that sounds like nothing else. Nobody plays guitar like this anymore..and the vocals feel otherworldlyand beyond time almost. Incredible song.

Son House – Don’t you Mind People Grinning in Your Face

Another incredible song. Simple and doesn’t even need instruments. Just one man clapping and singing about the difference between true and fake people. This is Jack White’s favorite song of all time and he covered another Son House, Death Letter, with his band The White Stripes….arguably their best live song.

Mississippi John Hurt – Spike Driver Hurt

One for guitar players. Incredible guitar player but there’s also just something really smooth about all his songs overall. His style is just really calm and flows really well. One of a million songs about the rebel railroad worker hero John Henry, but this one may be my favorite of them all.

Leadbelly – Where Did You Sleep Last Night

Well this one it is very likely you have heard… covered by Nirvana. It’s a great song and Leadbelly was a great musician. He was a real tough guy though and a criminal, but you can’t take anything from the quality of his music.

Woody Guthrie – Tear the Fascist Down

Woody is a personal favorite. I went through a long period of listening to all his stuff and I love all of it. Woody was a poor worker born out of the great depression and the over farmed wastes of the Midwest of the US that lead to terrible dust storms and massive movement of people to the west coast of America. It’s a fascinating period and I highly recommend people read John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath to learn more about it. It’s also a period that sounds like we imagine apocalyptic fiction to be today…but it’s also a period that is frighteningly close to us…only 70-80 years back. Woody was a worker hero and his songs mostly revolve around the duststorm migrations. worker rights and the fight against fascists. There would be no Bob Dylan without Woody Guthrie. Dylan himself has said that many times and when Dylan was young and starting out he visited Woody often, then in his later years. Great musician and a fitting end to this post 🙂


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