Why I love: My Bloody Valentine

No not the movie.  Rather the greatest of the late 80’s noise bands and the early 90’s shoegazers.  As a bit of background I bought Loveless, their last album, in the summer of 1993…and since then it has been my all time favorite album.  Nothing really comes close for me and it’s the only music, outside of Blue Monday by New Order, which I can point out significantly impacting all my taste in music since.  I was coming just off the great summer of grunge and I remember buying this album with my hard-earned summer cash along with “Sweet Oblivion” by Screaming Trees and “It’s a shame about Ray” by The Lemonheads.  These 3 albums had been carefully picked through a long and painstaking elimination process because I only had money for 3…which means they had to last.  Which they did!  In varying amounts of course.  “Ray” is an old friendly curiosity today for me, “Sweet Oblivion” still stands as the crowning glory of grunge and Loveless….oh Loveless.  It was and still is like nothing else.  It had that soft melodic touch and the angelic voices…but it also had glorious noise that outclassed all the metal or grunge I was coming from by a very high margin.  I think the killer though is the third dimension it brings to the table…it all rocked out of off-key sweeps that made it feel otherworldly.  There’s still nothing like this album.  I was lucky enough to see an amazing comeback live performance at Roskilde 2008 which exceeded all expectations and now there are news that Kevin Shields has finally finished the follow up…22 years later.  There is no music I have looked forward to so much…ever.  This is why I wanted to write this post.  I really love My Bloody Valentine with all of my nerdy music loving heart.

I’m not the only one who loves this album.  Just looking at Amazon reviews shows me I was not the only one to be completely swept away by it.  Pitchfork, the lovable snobs they are, also voted it as the nr. 1 album of the 90’s (although they did revise that list later switching it with OK Computer by Radiohead in the two top posts for some reason).  For someone new to My Bloody Valentine the following 3 are the songs that I want to point out as essential starters from Loveless 🙂

Sometimes (Loveless 1991)
Only Shallow (Loveless 1991)

Soon (Loveless 1991)
Although I’m ranting about Loveless I do love all of the other music MBV released as well.  Isn’t Anything (1988) is a different kind of masterpiece, more in the realm of melodic noise punk.   It’s however their singles that really stand out as poppy noise masterpieces and their most accessible music by far, many on par with Loveless, but a totally different style.  In a great move these were all released again last year in an awesome 2-CD compilation, which is as essential a purchase as Loveless in my opinion.
Here are 5 other amazing MBV tracks from their EP singles as well as Isn’t Anything, each of them an absolute classic on their own:
Don’t Ask Why (Glider EP 1990) 
Slow (You made me Realize EP 1988)
I Believe (Feed Me With Your Kiss EP – 1988)
Nothing Much To Lose (Isn’t Anything 1988)
You Made Me Realise (You Made Me Realise EP – 1988)

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